Interview with JD Theile | Challenge owner first round

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Thorsten Wirtz did not expect to get such a good result after only one week of collaborating with a startup. Learn more about why he thinks that with the DOaccelerate program both, the corporates and the startups, can only win.


Who is J.D. Theile?

JDT is a leading global manufacturer of complete chain systems and accessories for mining and industry, as well as system integrator of robots in the field of industrial automation. More than 200 years of expertise related to materials and production is the foundation for the quality behind JDT’s products. JDT is proud to offer products that are Made-in-Germany to passionately offer top quality products, innovation, performance, availability and customer-oriented service.


What was the challenge?

The startups should develop a measuring system for the determination of angels in lashing and lifting devices with wireless transmission to mobile devices.


When DOaccelerate turn curiosity into results

Thorsten Wirtz from J.D. Theile was immediately interested when the Economic Development Agency Dortmund asked him to participate in the DOaccelerate program. It was his curiosity to meet the startups and their ideas that has driven him to participate. He wanted to know what keeps them busy and which ideas could be interesting for his own corporate.


Startups offer out of the box thinking which corporates need

J.D. Theile already looked for a starting point to develop digital solutions for traditional products but thanks to DOaccelerate they got a new view on the topic. Through the collaboration with a startup it is possible to exchange ideas with others and to learn aspects you possibly oversee in your own stalled processes.


To sum it up

For Thorsten Wirtz the DOaccelerate program offers many possibilities including to expand your network and meet new people with great ideas. You can reach big results within only one week and no matter if they turn out to be perfect, corporate and startup will always win. He compliments the organization of the week. Throughout the whole journey of DOaccelerate you will be supported – prior the week and during the week. Working fully digital does not hurt and via Slack and Zoom the communication always went smoothly.