Can you create a solution to find new applications and partnerships in the field of microfluids, biotech and life science?

Bartels Mikrotechnik

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Can you create a solution to find new applications and partnerships in the field of microfluids, biotech and life science?

Bartels Mikrotechnik

For more than 25 years now, Bartels Mikrotechnik has been a a globally active manufacturer and development service provider in the field of microfluidics. Together with our partners, we help our customers to find the right microfluidic solution for their application.

As microfluidic SolutionMaker, Bartels offers a complete, application-oriented and modular liquid handling system. With our evaluation kits and the mpSmart you can test our mp6 micropump directly in your application. We have already prepared everything for you. We also have a large partner network that enables us to offer you high-quality components tested by us to complement your microfluidic system.

Our business unit microComponents offers you a wide range of microfluidic components. Bartels Mikrotechnik produces and distributes microfluidic products – especially for miniaturized and portable applications. Our key products are micropumps that pump small quantities of gases and liquids. They are used in a variety of ways in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and medical technology.

In microEngineering our team is constantly working on new solutions for new markets. We allow new components to mature to the patent stage and work on the transition from individual applications to series production. Our goal is to create complete product worlds for a global market.


Challenge Introduction

Bartels Mikrotechnik is active in two main business areas: engineering services and product development. In particular, the area of micro components is being increasingly focused on and expanded in future. With mp6 micropumps, Bartels operates in various fields of application, especially in the MedTech and Life Science sectors. These business areas already contribute significantly to annual company sales. The defined goal of the Challenge is to find new applications for Bartels‘ products and components and to develop new products in cooperation with innovative startups to use increasing available market potential. Shared activities is fully flexible and depend on resources and competencies of both parties involved.


Challenge Details

Sectors and use cases for Bartels‘ technologies are diverse and far-reaching, but should have a clear focus on „Life Science“ aspects. There, Bartels commits experience, expert knowledge and application competence in the use of micropumps and monitoring of microfluids.

For the development of new products based on existing technology, Bartels is looking for cooperation partners who commit complementary competencies. Whether Life Science, BioTech or other application fields – the challenge is to provide convincing innovative products and solutions for the market together with Bartels Mikrotechnik.

Startups can surely use both areas of support: existing technology as well as application expertise of Bartels to further develop their own product in cooperation. So if you are in the life science, medtech or biotech space, Bartels offers you the option to build on a technology stack. No matter if used for handheld devices, implants or other forms of application.

Bartels is looking for cooperations for a combination of hardware and software products with own solutions as well as partners for the digitalization of the Bartels product portfolio. In particular for the operation of pumps and control via interfaces.

In addition to its own products and expertise, Bartels brings three key things to the table:

  1. a large partner network
  2. sales support
  3. existing technologies



The USPs of our pumps


  • Can handle liquids and gases
    • Liquid: qliq= 5 – 8000 µl/min; pliq < 700 mbar
    • Gas: qgas < 25000 µl/min; pgas < 150 mbar
  • Only one wetted material (PPSU/PP)
  • Small & low weight
    • Size: 30 mm x 15 mm x 4 mm
  • High batch production
  • Low power consumption (150 mW)


We are looking for innovative products & solutions that can use Bartels‘ technology to enable joint business models and bring products to market in a scalable way. As already described above, due to the many years of experience in the sectors mentioned, the existing resources and the large network can be used in a potential cooperation in various issues for market introduction or product development.

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