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End of application period: August, 15th 2020

Measuring system of angels in lashing and lifting devices

J. D. Theile GmbH & Co. KG

When using lifting and lashing equipment, it is always a matter of selecting suitable components. This selection is based on the determination of lifting or lashing angles, the number of load strands, the weight of the load to be lifted or lashed and other boundary conditions such as the type of lashing or the temperature.

A 100% digital, smartphone-based operating solution for a full entrepreneurial eco-system

perpetuo GmbH

Our state-of-the-art eco-system has freelancer, start-ups, corporates and VCs as potential users. In this Co-Working space, users can rent single seats, whole offices or meeting rooms (diversified pricing model). We are looking for an end-to-end solution for the administration and users. 100% digital.

Optimization and / or automatization of conspicuity analysis at discharge sections of rainwater treatment plants

Emschergenossenschaft und Lippeverband

As part of our activities at EGLV we are also active in the field of rainwater treatment. Basically, precipitation leads to a mixture of rainwater and wastewater, which together form so-called “mixed water”. If a certain limit value of mixed water is exceeded, a so-called discharge situation occurs, which leads to the mixed water being fed into rainwater treatment plants via discharge routes.

Building a system for automatically generating news in different domains out of structured data.

Lensing Media

The work of journalists has significantly changed over the last years as a result of the dawn of digitalization. The technological progress, the emergence of new narrative forms, the efficiency increment of automated workflows, and the availability of big data, has created a new form of journalism known as robot-journalism.

Recording the

level of condensate separators in the gas network.


In a gas distribution network, condensate collectors are installed to collect any liquids (e.g. water ingress and condensate from steam and other parts of the natural gas) within the distribution networks. Overflowing of the condensate collectors must be avoided urgently, otherwise the supply may fail.

Creating a carbon free and emission free energy grid for Phoenix West in Dortmund

World of Walas

We are currently facing various challenges. In addition to the current Corona Pandemic, climate change in particular is a central problem. To address the problem of climate change, the transfer to carbon and emission free energy systems is a key topic.

Developing a system for recording visitors in stores and data transfer via LoRaWAN


Not least because of the current situation, the registration of customers and visitors in shops is important. In addition to „Covid-19 purposes“, derivations can also be made for marketing, personnel deployment, energy use and the regulation of energy technology systems such as air conditioning. In order to keep any customers‘ limits the recording must be accurate and work in real time.