DOaccelerate Challenges You

Due-date for startups to apply: August 15th, 2022
Special Edition: One Challenge in German! For the ELC Schulz challenge, we are looking for startups from DACH region and the Netherlands!

Can you create a solution to find new applications and partnerships in the field of microfluids, biotech and life science?

Bartels Mikrotechnik

Bartels Mikrotechnik is active in two main business areas: engineering services and product development. In particular, the area of micro components is being increasingly focused on and expanded in future. With mp6 micropumps, Bartels operates in various fields of application, especially in the MedTech and Life Science sectors. These businesses…

Can you create a global, emotional experience for fans worldwide?


We are Borussia Dortmund and we want to create real BVB-emotions for our supporters worldwide. Help us develop a unique and emotional BVB-experience for our 25 million fans and partners in Asia. Everything is possible, everything is conceivable!

Can you create a predictive maintenance concept for charging poles to ensure flexible and immediate service?


For the operation of fast charging stations at highly frequented locations, high reliability and predictability are essential. In order to secure the high investment costs for a charging pole or a charging pole location by low downtimes, we are therefore looking for promising „predictive maintenance concepts“ to simplify service…

Gesucht werden Tools & Services von HR-Startups, welche systematisch und automatisiert dabei unterstützen, mehr Bewerbungen zu generieren und/oder wechselwillige Kandidaten zu identifizieren.

ELC Schulz

ELC Schulz ist einer der führenden Betriebe für Gebäudetechnik im Westen Deutschlands. Getreu nach unserem Motto „Gebäude und Menschen zum Leuchten zu bringen“ wollen wir mit handwerklichen Werten nicht nur die Gebäude, sondern auch die Lebensqualität ihrer Bewohner und Nutzer aufwerten. Daher setzen wir auf…

Can you create a software for managing global systems, identify malfunctions and irregularities with productive action recommendations?

MEGLA – digital.personal.reliable

Fault reporting is an essential element in the context of keeping data platforms and other software systems running as smoothly as possible. Globally installed customer systems constantly deliver data to MEGLA in order to map running processes continuously and to identify malfunctions or irregularities at the same time. In this…

Can you create a platform to match companies in electrical appliance industry with new products and product ideas?

Perfect Business Match

The goal of the Challenge is the realization / customization of a digital platform that enables a matching of companies with new products & product ideas in a (partially) automated way. This platform is to provide companies in the electrical appliance industry with access to new features, materials and products and…

Can you create a holistic decision-making map tool to monitor supply chains, cooperation partners and freight routes globally?

Rhenus Logistics

Monitoring global supply chains and always looking a little into the future is a constant challenge in order to find perfect solutions for our internal processes, but above all for the logistical challenges of our clients – especially when geopolitical factors become more dynamic. In order to monitor our locations and…