Can you create a global, emotional experience for fans worldwide?


Doaccelerate end of application
Doaccelerate end of application

Can you create a global, emotional experience for fans worldwide?



Challenge Introduction

We are Borussia Dortmund and we want to create real BVB-emotions for our supporters worldwide. Help us develop a unique and emotional BVB-experience for our 25 million fans and partners in Asia. Everything is possible, everything is conceivable!


Challenge Details

BVB stands for „true love“ in German “Echte Liebe” and has become a brand with truly global appeal. People around the world associate yellow and black with attractive offensive football, exciting young stars and, of course, the atmosphere with the yellow wall in our stadium. What really is tangible and perhaps an unforgettable lifetime moment is, of course, the physical visit at our stadium with excitement, goals, atmosphere in the Bundesliga and Champions League.

Unfortunately, precisely the stadium visit, the foundation of a true emotional BVB-experience, is only possible for our supporters in Dortmund itself. Especially for our fans and partners in Asia, we want to create an emotional BVB-experience together with you – individual & distinctive.  Let’s take fans worldwide on a BVB journey together.

We are interested in everything and super excited about your ideas…. It doesn’t matter if you’ve developed the technology for a BVB digital game, built a virtual reality experience, want to recreate a visit to the stadium in 3D, or just have a good mechanic in mind for regular individual contacts.

Optimally, you already have a basic technology and first show cases with which you can infect and inspire us. We are not stuck in any direction, but certainly would like to gain speed and creativity with you. Our goal is a shared prototype to test our collaborative ideas in real life with our fans. Everything is truly exciting for us – purely digital or linked to standard or individual hardware. We are curious and looking forward to meet you.


What’s next? Apply with a snippet of your idea in the DOaccelerate program.

What do we promise to you? We are open to any exciting idea and will provide you with the resources and access to develop the unique BVB-experience together.

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