Interview with nexudus | Startup participant first round

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Monika Solak from nexudus was attracted by the challenge and the fact that they have a product which perfectly matches the unsolved issue of perpetuo, the challenger. A company which looked for a 100% digital, smartphone-based operating solution for a Co-Working space. Learn more about how Nexudus experienced the DOaccelerate program and why they got a new perspective on developing their product.


Who is Nexudus?

When Nexudus was introduced to the concept of coworking they identified the need for a platform that could run workspaces and help operators to support and to upscale their business up as the coworking industry started to flourish. This is the reason they created a flexible coworking software which led to winning a challenge in the DOaccelerate program.


Curiosity and competition as motivator to take part in the DOaccelerate program

When nexudus first read the description of the challenge they were certain that their product will fit the customers needs. But the fact that it was a kind of a competition with other startups has motivated them extra to take part in the DOaccelerate program. They usually do not participate in such programs, but they thought it would be a shame not to show that they have the perfect solution for the challenge and they wanted to show that.


The work week and the results of the collaboration

The first session already made very clear what is expected from the startups and the challengers. With perpetuo, the corporate, they had a really great contact, so they were well prepared for the quick kick-off of the project. The challengers provided them with any material they needed and the communication via Slack went smoothly. perpetuo was satisfied with the result and so was Nexudus, because their product matches perfectly the scenario of the challenger.


How can DOaccelerate help startups?

For Nexudus it was interesting to be in closer contact with the corporate than they normally are. So they were more involved in all processes for example defining the prices. They could take a look form their perspective which really helped developing the product for their needs.

Nexudus recommends the DOaccelerate program especially for startups whose products are not mature yet. It offers kind of a playground to innovate your product or to get in touch with customers for new products. Besides the feedback of the corporates, you have a third party from the program which is not involved and can give you their neutral opinion. DOaccelerate is a good place to work on your product in close contact with corporates.